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Get Hit in the Face by the 95 MPH Fastball That Is Puig Destroyer

October 8, 2014

Puig Destroyer 2014 Playoffs

Did your team miss the playoffs? Guy that won your fantasy league won’t shut up? Hardball-themed hardcore band Puig Destroyer feels your pain and is here to offer an outlet for your anger. The idea for the group initially started as a joke last season on Productive Outs, a podcast hosted by baseball fans and musicians Riley Breckenridge (drummer for Thrice) and Ian Miller (bassist for Kowloon Walled City). The group’s level of output is no laughing matter, though: the two went from joking about the concept to finishing their first batch of brutal songs in less time than it takes to play a seven game series.

Combining the names of human .gif generator Yasiel Puig, and metal band Pig Destroyer, many of the 20 songs on Puig Destroyer’s self-titled debut record are shorter than a David Ortiz home run trot. Each track is chock-full of metal riffs, creating a sonic onslaught that hits you like a full-speed collision at the plate. Lyrically, tracks like “Tommy John”, “Stealing Signs” and “No One Cares About Your Fantasy Team” all are indicative of the group’s rage against the kind of subjects any fan can relate to, while “No Hitter”, “Bat Flip” and their ode to “Mike Trout” are all unique expressions of their love for the game. I can almost guarantee that Royals manager Ned Yost listened to “Call to the Bullpen” (lyrics: “God damn it.  The fucking bullpen cost us a run”) after nearly blowing a sizable lead in the wild card play in game. The Royals also just swept the Angels for a spot in the ALCS. Coincidence? There’s no coinciding in baseball.

While the loud, often abrasive songs on this self-titled debut probably won’t serve as Puig’s walkup music anytime soon, a track from the group’s first EP got his blessing during a visit to the MLB Fan Cave last season.

Puig Destroyer’s self-titled debut was released this week via No Sleep Records, arriving just in time to be the perfect soundtrack for hate-watching your division rivals in the postseason.


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