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Embrace That Sick Feeling

December 16, 2014

One of the things that’s defined punk and hardcore (or whatever the fuck you want to call angry, abrasive music at the end of 2014) is that these outbursts reveal the kind of truths that defy social norms or derail the operations of polite society. It’s a tradition that dates back to the Sex Pistols’ rebellion against working class malaise in Margaret Thatcher’s England.

This legacy continues in an age when, by default, everyone has the access necessary to broadcast their self-importance to the world. With their video for “The Americans”, aptly-named Sick Feeling sets out to destroy the notion that our Instagram image-crafting is a meaningful exercise.  We are not unique; we’re all slowly dying. Our selfies, pictures of sunsets, meals and inspirational platitudes don’t reveal anything. They merely obscure the fact that we all must suffer alone.  Only once we acknowledge that truth can we hope to transcend it.

Until then, Sick Feeling asserts, everything else is noise.


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